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Purchasing Terms and Conditions

By purchasing any product from CheyTac USA, LLC. You are certifying that you are at least 18 years of age.

WARNING: Improperly hand-loaded ammunition can cause serious personal injury. Hand-loading should be done only by competent adults after proper instruction. Always wear safety glasses when hand-loading. Since hand-loading operations are beyond our control we disclaim all liability for any damages which may result.

DISCLAIMER:   CHEYTAC USA, LLC will not be responsible for reloading information, recipes, dies, bullet heads, brass, or other equipment to third persons, other than to verified and bona fide purchasers of its own weapon/rifle system and component parts from the Company or its authorized distributors.  CheyTac USA, LLC’s ammunition and components are proprietary and utilize a unique “patented” technology.  We are unable to verify the capability of any firearm manufactured by any third person or entity and therefore in the interest of safety we decline to provide any such information or parts to the public.  We further reserve the right to refuse to sell any ammunition manufactured by CHEYTAC USA, LLC to any person who is using said ammunition in any firearm not manufactured by CHEYTAC USA, LLC.   CHEYTAC USA, LLC disclaims any and all liability for use of ammunition manufactured by it in any firearm not manufactured and tested by CHEYTAC USA, LLC.  Any such liability shall be limited to the cost of such ammunition.

CheyTac USA, LLC – Privacy Policy

We know that you care how your information is used, and we appreciate your trust, in us. We will use your information carefully, responsibly and sensibly. This notice describes our privacy policy. By visiting us, you are accepting the privacy policy described below.

1. What Personal Information Do We Collect?

The Information that You Provide. We receive and store the information that you enter. For example, when you submit our contact us form. You can choose not to provide certain information. We use the information that you provide for such purposes as responding to your requests, improving our website, and communicating with you.

Cookies. Like many websites, we use “cookies”. Cookies are small text files that we transfer to your hard drive that allow us to recognize you and to provide you with a customized browsing experience. If you do not want us to use cookies, you can easily disable them by going to the toolbar of your web browser, and clicking on the “help” button. Follow the instructions that will prevent the browser from accepting cookies, or set the browser to inform you when you receive a new cookie. In addition, you may visit this and other websites anonymously through the use of utilities provided by other private companies.

2. How Do We Use Your Information?

To better serve you. We may customize the content of our site to meet your needs or requests.

Law Enforcement. If we receive a lawful court order to release account or other personal information then we will comply with the law. We will also release information when necessary to protect the life, safety or property of others.

 3. How Do We Protect the Security of Your Information?

We use a firewall to protect against unlawful intrusion.

It is important for you to protect against unauthorized access to your password and to your computer. Be sure to sign off when finished using a shared computer. No system can guarantee absolute security, just as the finest lock can not guarantee physical security. However, we take every reasonable precaution to assure that your information is secure.

 4. Springbot Privacy Policy

Springbot shares consumer data and personal information (name, address and transaction information) with third party service providers. Springbot shares consumer data and personal information with other marketers. If you prefer that we do not share your name and address with other marketers, please email us at

5. Contact Us

If you would like to learn more about our privacy policy, or to access your personally identifiable information contained on our website, you may contact us at CheyTac USA, LLC. You will be required to provide identifier information to assure that this information is not released to others. We reserve the right to modify this policy in the future. If we do so, notice will be posted on our home page.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]