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CheyTac USA is based in rural West Tennessee.

Who Is CheyTac USA Today?

CheyTac USA has an interesting history. Learn who CheyTac USA is today and the presence we have in pop culture, law enforcement and the military.

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Learn about long-rnage records set with CheyTac rifles.

Who Is CheyTac USA Today?

Over the past 20 years, CheyTac USA and the CheyTac M200 Intervention have achieved numerous milestones, setting world records, being featured in films, television, and video games, winning competitions, and serving alongside law enforcement and the military. In March 2020, the CheyTac USA name and intellectual property were acquired and relocated to Huntingdon, Tennessee, where it remains today. Additionally, in the same year, CheyTac USA launched its new AR line, expanding its reach and introducing its products to a wider audience.

Under the guidance of the new CheyTac USA leadership team, there is a strong commitment to maintaining the highest standards of quality and excellence. Each product is meticulously hand-built and undergoes thorough scrutiny, with quality control documents signed by individual builders to ensure complete ownership and accountability. The M200 Intervention and CheyTac AR platforms have garnered positive attention from national publications and industry influencers. Notably, Maxim Magazine featured the CheyTac M200 Intervention as the centerfold in its Jan-Feb 2021 issue, while Recoil Magazine dedicated an article titled “Kilometer in a Box” to showcase the CheyTac AR10 in its January 2022 edition. Furthermore, popular YouTube channels such as Classic Firearms and Demolition Ranch have posted reviews that have garnered millions of views.

CheyTac USA is proud of its legendary reputation and remains dedicated to continuous innovation, as well as providing unparalleled value to our customers both domestically and globally.