Intervention 1 Mile Demo Day

This video is about CheyTac demonstrating the Intervention’s ability to shoot a man-shaped target 1 mile across a pond. Firearms used: the .408 M200 Intervention and the .375 M300 Intervention.

CheyTac M200 Intervention on the Discovery Channel

The legendary M200 Intervention reviewed and tested by Richard Machowicz.  View part 2 at

CheyTac .408 vs Steel Tractor Engine (450m)

CheyTac recently visited with the Mexican Army out in California to demonstrate why CheyTac is the best of the best. Our .408 ammunition was able to shoot into a steel engine block no problem due to our precision technology. Click on the photo to see the full video and experience what CheyTac has to offer.

M200 Intervention – #1 Sniper Rifle on Military Channel

The CheyTac M200 Intervention is the #1 Sniper Rifle on the Military Channel’s Ultimate Weapons – Sniper Rifles Series.

Shooter – The Movie – Starring Mark Wahlberg

Throughout the film Swagger uses an array of sniper weapons, among which are the CheyTac USA LLC M200 Intervention® in .408 CheyTac.  View the Wikipedia page on the movie.

Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare 2 – The Video Game

The CheyTac USA LLC M200 Intervention® in .408 CheyTac is one of the more powerful bolt action sniper rifles available for use in the game.  Information on the Intervention – in game on

Ghost Rider 2: Spirit of Vengence – The Movie

The CheyTac USA LLC M200 Intervention® in .408 CheyTac is found in an armory and used by Nadya to take out guards.  Read more about the movie on IMDb

.408 Cheyenne Tactical

The .408 Cheyenne Tactical is a specialized rimless, bottle-necked, center fire cartridge for military long-range sniper rifles that was developed by Dr. John D. Taylor and machinist William O. Wordman. The round was designed with a possible military need for a cartridge for anti-personnel, anti-sniper and anti-materiel roles with a precision range of 2,200 yards. It is offered as a competitor to the most common military NATO long-range service cartridges such as .338 Lapua Magnum and the .50 BMG.

CheyTac USA & GS Custom Bullets

CheyTac USA, LLC is pleased to announce the acquisition of GS Custom Bullets. It is well established throughout the shooting industry that CheyTac is the leader in both distance and accuracy. Using our patented Balanced Flight Technology, CheyTac produces ammunition that can reach targets at distances approaching three miles. An integral part of that ammunition is the bullet that sits atop each piece of ammo. The best bullet manufacturer in the business is GS Custom Bullets!

Founded by Gerard and Elmarie Schultz in 1993, GS Custom Bullets is world renowned for their ability to deliver bullets in multiple calibers that meet the highest standards. Bullets are turned from a copper rod on numerically controlled machines at exact temperatures. Through their proprietary process, Gerard and Elmarie can deliver bullets that have a diameter tolerance of fewer than two ten-thousandths of an inch and weight variance of less than one-quarter of a percent.

These items can be found at and Place your order for these products now, as demand is soaring. As always, we appreciate your continued interest and business.