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CheyTac High End Cleaning Kit


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The customized Premium CheyTac cleaning kit for caliber .408 & .375 is a must have for any professional shooter. This kit was made with a comprehensive and on-going working relationship between Niebling GunCare and CheyTac to provide the best cleaning kits in the world for better care for the Cheytac Intervention.

Items in the kit:

  • One (1) oil and water-resistant bag with an embroidered CheyTac logo on it
  • Customized cleaning rod handle burnished steel with multiple ball bearings + 6 extensions to clean the full length of the barrel
  • (1) caliber optimized oil brush for caliber .408 & .375
  • (1)  caliber optimized wool brush for caliber .408 & .375
  • (1) caliber optimized felts for caliber .408 & .375+ 1 felt holder
  • (1) Test mirror for a better light in the barrel, here you can see if there is any dirt or damage inside the barrel
  • (1) cleaning brush for the perfect cleaning outside the rifle
  • (1) handle brush with two-sided brass
  • (1)  cleaning cloth
  • (1)  Empty bottle with sprayer for your cleaning oil/fluid

Additional information

Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 5 × 4 in

.408, .375