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CheyTac® .408/419 gr Cartridge


  • (Patented) Balanced Flight Projectile®
  • High kinetic energy at all distances
  • Combined speed, distance, and superior accuracy across all ranges
  • Copper Nickel Alloy projectile
  • Ballistic Coefficient: .949 (average over 3,500 yards)
  • Weight: 419 Grain
  • Length: 4.303
  • Velocity: 2,850 fps
  • Muzzle Energy: 8,372 ft. lbs.


CheyTac® .408/305 gr Solid Projectile Cartridge


  • (Patented) Balance Flight Projectile®
  • Designed to Achieve Flattest Trajectory to 1,000 yards
  • Multiple 3 second target engagement
  • Copper Nickel Alloy projectile
  • Weight: 305 Grain
  • Length: 4.100
  • Velocity: 3,500 fps




CheyTac® .375/350 gr Solid Projectile Cartridge


  • (Patented) Balanced Flight Projectile®
  • Designed for Hunting and Competition Shooters
  • 30 – 50% Flatter Trajectory than .338 LM, .50 caliber and .408 caliber
  • Copper Nickel Alloy projectile
  • Ballistic Coefficient: .988
  • Weight: 350 Grain
  • Length: 4.303
  • Velocity: 2,970 fps (approx.)
  • Muzzle Energy: 6,723 ft. lbs. (at 200M)


CheyTac® .375/350 gr Sierra Matchking®

  • High performance hunting round with expanding capabilities
  • Exceptional round for big game hunting over extended distance
  • Ballistic Coefficient: .811
  • Weight: 350 Grain
  • Length: 4.109
  • Velocity: 2,850 fps
  • Muzzle Energy: 6,723 ft. lbs. (at 200M)




Unmatched Performance

CheyTac® USA began development with the concept that a dedicated cartridge with greater kinetic energy (past 400 yards) and greater distance capability than the 12.7mm, but a much milder recoil than the .338 LM, was the next step in ballistic technology for military and LEO snipers, Big Game Hunters and shooting competitors. After extensive research, the .408 / .375 CheyTac® was born.

The .408 / .375 CheyTac® is the first cartridge developed to be more accurate, to be effective at short distance and fully capable to outdistance and to retain more kinetic energy down range than all currently available calibers including the 12.7mm cartridge. High velocity and equally high ballistic coefficient produce unmatched supersonic flight beyond 2,200 yards. More importantly, transonic destabilization was conquered as a result of the patented projectile design thus allowing the projectile to fly predictably to 3,000 yards and beyond.

The System

The predictable nature of the .408 / .375 CheyTac® made the round ideal for a computer program to assist the operators when working at extreme ranges resulting in the beginning of the CheyTac® System and one of the first fully integrated ballistic computers, now available for download or embedded in hand held computers and phones. The CheyTac® Intervention System approach identifies, quantifies and mitigates the physical and environmental effects which impact the flight of the projectile to its intended target. Through our process of training and application of unique technologies, the CheyTac® Intervention System provides your operators with abilities heretofore unknown within the community.


The .408, 419 grain, solid has an initial muzzle velocity of 2950FPS and remains stable through the transonic period of flight which heavily destabilizes other, heavier traditional long range projectiles.
The .408, 305 grain  has an initial muzzle velocity of 3500 FPS and offers the user a maximum ordinate of only four feet over its first 1,000 yards of flight. Additional projectiles are offered for AP, API and a series of payload rounds for EOD and special purposes are also available.
The .375 offers lower recoil, faster time to target, and many ammunition options including; ballistic tip and solid core. Precision Shooting magazine reported that CheyTac “in terms of flatness of trajectory…outperformed from 30 – 50%” competitors including .338 LM

We offer .375, 350 grain SMK; CheyTac® modifies SMK  meplat plate to increase ballistic coefficient > 10%.

.408/.375 vs .50 CAL


The company has an exclusive license to U.S. Patent 6,629,669, for the manufacture of the “Balanced Flight Technology/Controlled Spin” bullet.


Purchasing Terms and Conditions: By purchasing any product from CheyTac USA, LLC. You are certifying that you are at least 18 years of age. Please allow for a 30-day turn around time on all ammunition orders.

WARNING: Improperly hand-loaded ammunition can cause serious personal injury. Hand-loading should be done only by competent adults after proper instruction. Always wear safety glasses when hand-loading. Since hand-loading operations are beyond our control we disclaim all liability for any damages which may result. Ammunition Restrictions – Please read important information regarding restrictions on the delivery and sale of ammunition and components.

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Weight 3 lbs
Dimensions 7 x 7 x 5 in
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CheyTac Balanced Flight Bullet


.375/350 gr, .408/ 370 gr, .408/305 gr, .408/387 gr, .408/419 gr


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