Exporting Guidelines

CheyTac® USA, LLC Exporting Guidelines

For Dealers:

Establish an NDA with our company by providing the following information:

  • Full Name of Individual who is legally authorized to sign Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDA) for the company
  • Full Address (No PO Boxes)
  • Contact Phone Numbers (Work, Fax, and Cell)
  • Point of Contact (POC) Emails
  • Website

Provide the following ENGLISH Version or a certified translations of the Company’s Business License and  FFL Dealer License.

For Individual Sales: 
  • Full Name of Individual
  • Full Address (No PO Boxes)
  • Contact Phone Numbers (Work, Fax, and Cell)
  • Emails

Fees & Additional Charges:

  • U.S. State Department Fee – $300.00
  • Additional Fees such as freight charges to our selected freight forwarder, and all associated International insurance and shipping pertain to each partial shipment or full order. After Order is finalized, CheyTac® USA, LLC will seek estimated shipping costs to the End-User’s International Airport.
  • Fees that are payable at the buyers end include duties & taxes, customs clearance, any broker’s fees, storage, etc.  NOTE: You will be liable for all charges on your end, regardless if a mistake was made by our agent, or by the customs personnel.
  • Our fee is refundable in the event the EXPORT Application is denied.
  • International Credit Card Payments will be charged 4% of all transactions.
  • Payments via Wire Transfer need to include The Sending Bank’s Wire Fees and any international exchange rates in addition to invoiced amount on the Proforma Invoice.  Our Proforma Invoices are NET prices to CheyTac® USA, LLC for the equipment being purchased.
Required Documents for the DSP-5 Export Application:

Note:  All documents must be typed in English, and certified by a translator into English.

All Original Documents will need to be mailed to:

CheyTac USA, LLC
110 Eagle Avenue
Nashville, GA 31639

Phone: 1-844-398-9101

In addition, it is required that you Email all documents in a pdf file version to be able to apply for the U.S. State Department Export License Applications.

  • Purchase Order with current date.
    • Include:  Full Name, Complete Address (No PO Boxes), Phone Number, Fax Number, Emails, and website if applicable.
    • Detailed list of the Quantity and Description of Items to be purchased.
      Include: Manufacturer, Model Number, Caliber, and Purchasing Price.
    • This needs to be typed document in English.
    • Identify all parties involved in the transactions of this order. (Purchaser, end-user (Military or Civilian Use). We must know the end use such as for collection, resale, or hunting or shooting, or for military end-use.
  • Original Import Permit or a notarized or certified copy of the same.
    • This must be in English. If the country the goods are being shipped to does not require an import permit, then please make note of that on your Purchase Order.
  • DSP-83 – Example Can be Provided Once a Purchase Order is Established
  • End-User – Example Can be Provided Once a Purchase Order is Established
  • Identify all parties for the export license application. (End-User, Intermediate Consignees, any other international freight forwarder, Point of Contact Name, Telephone number and emails for when shipment arrives).
  • List the International Airport the items are to be delivered too.

The STATE DEPARTMENT EXPORT APPLICATIONS CAN TAKE UP TO 8 WEEKS or longer after submittal of all required documents. CheyTac USA, LLC has no control over their review time to approve.

International Quotations:

CheyTac USA, LLC can provide you an estimated quote based on our Product Catalog. Send Quantity and Description of items to: internationalsales@cheytac.com 


  • Suppressors are not available for Civilian Rifle Sales, only Military Organizations
  • Only Ammunition Available at this time for International Shipments:
    • CheyTac USA Patented .408-419 Gr. Cartridges or .408-305 Gr. Cartridges
      (International Shipping is packaged in 198 Rounds Per 1 Steel Box)
      1 Steel Box x 11.9 kg each, NEQ 1.69 kg each
    • Consignee accepts the manufactured self-classification of ammunition as UN0012, Cartridges, Small Arms Class 1.4S under the provisions of 49 CFR 173.56(h). Furthermore, consignee ensures the imports of these products are acceptable by their countries Competent Authority without restriction. 
Payment Terms:
  • CheyTac USA, LLC will require a 75% or more deposit based on actual order. Payment terms can be reviewed in Quotations for items of interest.
  • CheyTac USA, LLC will not submit DSP-5 Export Applications without the required deposit. 

For more information, please contact us at internationalsales@cheytac.com