Important Notice

Dear Customers and Friends of CheyTac USA, LLC.

It has come to our attention that several other companies are selling firearms in violation of Federal Trademark and Patent Statutes (M200 Interventions) and/or (CheyTac PATENTED) .408 ammunition under our company name improperly. While we are flattered at these imitations, you should know that they are not CheyTac USA, LLC products and do not carry the same specifications, quality, inspection or warranty from our Company.

If you did not purchase these products directly from us or an authorized distributor, you cannot return these products to us, nor will they carry any warranty of quality or performance from us. If you have a question concerning the authenticity of any product offered, please call us in advance and we will certainly verify the credentials of any

third party attempting to sell our properly authorized products.

CheyTac USA, LLC

David B. McCutcheon,
Operating Manager