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M200 Intervention
#1 Sniper Rifle on Military Channel

The CheyTac M200 Intervention is the #1 Sniper Rifle on the Military Channel’s Ultimate Weapons – Sniper Rifles Series



Shooter – The Movie

Starring Mark Wahlberg

Intervention in the Movie Shooter

Throughout the film Swagger uses an array of sniper weapons, among which are the CheyTac USA LLC M200 Intervention® in .408 CheyTac.
View the Wikipedia page on the movie.


Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare 2 – The Video Game


The CheyTac USA LLC M200 Intervention® in .408 CheyTac is one of the more powerful bolt action sniper rifles available for use in the game.
Information on the Intervention – in game on TheModernWarfare2.com


Ghost Rider 2: Spirit of Vengence – The Movie

The CheyTac USA LLC M200 Intervention® in .408 CheyTac is found in an armory and used by Nadya to take out guards.
Read more about the movie on imdb




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